In an e-mail I received two days ago the CEO of Rain Publishing, who were due to release 'Glastonbury' in four weeks, informed that due to personal health reasons, the publishing company wil be closing with effect from 15th April. She has what appears to be an aggressive and as yet un-named, (though easily guessed at), illnesswhich is life-threatening and she has to devote all of her time to trying to beat it. This means that 'Glastonbury' is now back to square one, as she will be releasing me and her other authors from our contracts and I must seek another publisher for the work.

This is mega-disappointing, and also means that the contest to win a free copy of the book is also now null and void, for which I can only apologise to all of those who took the time and trouble to enter.

I have already begun submitting the manuscript to other publishers, both independently and through my literary agent, and I hope it won't be too long before another publisher can be found for 'Glastonbury' and that the book will eventually appear as planned in paperback, though unfortunately, not as per it's original schedule.

Best regards to everyone.


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