"Should you choose to read DARK DISTORTIONS – the inaugural release of indie publisher Scotopia Press – it’s a near-guarantee that the book will undergo a transformation in the process, from a mint-condition paperback of considerable heft to a dog-eared stack of no-longer-solid-white pages, stuck between peeling covers.

It’s my own fault, really. So into its nearly 600 pages of brand-new dark fiction I was that I took it everywhere I went: to breakfast, to bed, to work, to the park, in the car. I put it through the ringer, but several of its stories did the same to me."
~Rod Lott, www.bookgasm.com

Dark Distortions is a concept anthology that left its authors without a concept. It contains a diverse collection of dark fiction in a variety of styles. Frustrated by the narrow interpretation of many anthologies, Dark Distortions has chosen to include a taste for all palates that savor the dark. You will find poetry and flash fiction for the moments of whim, as well as short stories and novellas when the reader wishes a longer illusion. We have also combed the underworlds to bring to light a couple of promising young authors in our Featured Young Artists section. Blind in new territory, the first edition of Dark Distortions invites you into our cherished darkness.


My story The Rector House as well as many other stories from great up-and-coming writers can be found is this huge book, released March 20th, 2008. Despite not knowing any of the names inside the book, the quality stories found inside has made reviewers and readers alike take notice. ". . . DARK DISTORTIONS [is] quite the calling card for a fledging publisher," Rod Lott at Bookgasm wrote. Mike Wever at Wanderings magazine, in a review, also wrote, "Dark Distortions may be the most charming threat to your sanity that you will ever read. This anthology from the new Scotopia Press is not meant for the faint of heart or, in the case of one story entitled Pick, for the faint of stomach. Those who are brave enough to take this collection on, however, will be pleased with the fine selection of novellas, short stories and poetry contained within."

So if you're looking for some fresh, dark fiction from the newest minds, please pick up a copy and see for yourself!

Just go here: http://www.scotopiapress.com/bookstore.htm

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