Will The “Murder Toxin” Sweep The World into Post-Holocaust Nightmare?

The following was submitted to Signs of Witness by someone who calls himself “Hippocrates of Highgate”:

At some point on this site someone posted a warning that the prevalent neurotoxins we’re all subjected to–from toxins used in carpets, new cars, flame retardants, pesticides, herbicides, dioxins, PCBs, mercury in fish, and so on–would violently affect behavior.

I believe this is coming true. If you look at the statistics we have more and more and more people engaging in senseless mass murders. And I believe this corresponds with the rise in neurotoxins, mixing in a deadly brain-affecting cocktail in each of us. I call it the Murder Toxin and I believe it is a combination of chemicals (those fun parks your kid plays in are ALL sprayed with herbicides which can affect the nervous system by the way), made up of the worst neurotoxins we’re exposed to, interacting.

Of course, people who are “already a bit on the edge”, like those Columbine kids, and the madman who carried out the Virginia Tech Massacre, are more likely to succumb to the influence of the Murder Toxin. At first. But eventually it may hit most of us and the world may come to resemble the movies “28 Days Later” or “I Am Legend”.

Here are some examples from the news of the last few days. More and more and more of this, you notice? I can understand the Embezzler Guy being depressed and killing himself. Maybe…MAYBE…giving his wife and kids terminal doses of sleeping pills. But BEATING THEM ALL TO DEATH? It was not that kind of family, until the Murder Toxin hit:

Man Beats Wife and Kids To Death, Kills Self

Autopsies show that five members of an Iowa City family found dead in their home were beaten to death. The results show that Sheryl Sueppel and her four children died from blunt force trauma to their upper torsos and heads.

Police believe former bank executive Steven Sueppel killed his wife and children sometime Sunday night or Monday. He had been charged with embezzlement, and his body was found in the wreckage of a car crash Monday morning.

Teen Kills Four With Small Knife In Rampage

A young man wielding a 5-inch knife stabbed four people to death in a small Alaska fishing and tourist town on Tuesday before officers subdued him with a stun gun, police said.


A mother killed her two children Thursday, then went to the nearby college she attended and brandished a gun before handing the weapon to a health counselor, police said.

The threat at the University of Louisville ended with no injuries about half an hour after it began, but police who were then asked by school officials to check on the children found them dead with gunshot wounds.

Gail Lynn Coontz, 37, is charged with killing 14-year-old Greg Coontz and 10-year-old Nikki Coontz, said Louisville police Officer Phil Russell.


A retired teacher bearing a grudge over his mother’s treatment at the hospital where she died fatally shot one of her nurses, another employee and a man outside Thursday before police shot him, authorities said.

Charles Johnston, 63, is being charged with murder and will be turned over to police after an overnight stay in another hospital, where he was treated for a shoulder wound, Police Chief Ricky Boren said.



Sixteen Year Old Boy Kills 12 People “In a Rage”

Police said a 16-year-old boy has confessed to the slayings of 12 people over the past three months in southern Brazil. The teenager, whose identity was not revealed because he is a minor, told police he allegedly killed his victims in a fit or rage or out of revenge.

He said police have enough evidence to prove that the teenager, an unemployed high school dropout, shot dead at least six of the 12 people he says he killed. Police investigating the slaying of a 39-year-old storeowner earlier this week, arrested the boy Wednesday at his home in the city of Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, Plentz said

(A bit of a stretch? maybe....but you have to admit particularly heinous violent crimes are on the rise.)

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