Both a flat tire and horrendous traffic tried to keep me away from the Virginia Festival of the Book this weekend. They did manage to make me miss Friday evening’s author’s soiree, but Saturday was such a good time I almost forgot about it. David Ignatius gave a superb luncheon presentation, I saw some great writers on panels and chatted up a few more on the floor. Of course the highpoint was the panel on which I sat with old pals Libby Hellmann and Andy Straka, and new friends Frank Muir and James Born. There were a few familiar faces in the audience, which made it even better! My only disappointment was that I never made contact with blog queen Bella Stander, who was scheduled to moderate several panels. Oh, well, there’s always next year.

BTW, although I can’t plug everyone’s book I have to at least tell you that Libby Hellman’s new book, "Easy Innocence" comes out this month and if you rush over to right now you can pick up the hardcover at one-third off. I’m just saying...

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