The Borders Books at the Dulles Town Center is starting to feel like home. I had a fine signing there and as I was packing up they were ordering more books and signed me up to return next month. It is a joy to have the support of a local bookstore and if any of you lives anywhere near the place, make a point of stopping in and checking out the "local author" section.

The other great news this week was a new review. This one was from Cathleen Mitchell, a fellow northern Virginia author. Cathleen isn't a big fan of thrillers but she agreed to give The Payback Assignment a try and judging by the review she posted on I think I may have surprised her. I was most flattered by her comment that my writing imitated the experience of "actually sitting in front of a movie screen."

I've made Cathleen's comments the featured review on my web site. After you read it you can click on the Payback Assignment cover to read a sneak preview of the novel. The link in the review itself will take you to to get your own copy. Thank you, Cathleen, for your kind words!

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