How do you write?

I don't outline, really, but I do have a synopsis (partly because my editor demands one) and I usually start a book with a broad overview of how the story will go in my head. Despite these, I usually just sort of write, letting my characters sort things out between themselves, the plot resolution just a goal on the horizon, all subject to change. I do all of this on the computer. I type faster than I write and I love the clarity of type. I can read what I've typed easier than what I've written by hand, and the translation from mind to written word has long seemed easier this way, ever since I got my first Kaypro computer back 20 years ago.

But recently I've found myself writing long-hand notes, too. Lists, mainly, of plot points that I want to bring up in a given scene, and some lines of dialogue. Often by the time to write comes my notes are completely illegible, even to me. But the writing of them seems to serve a purpose.

Are you a list maker? An outliner? Do you write by hand or on the computer?

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