Got wind that over at Goodreads, they have my novels listed. Regarding the first novel I put out on my small press, Ian Hahn: The Olfactory Empath, somebody wrote that it was poorly written. I got to remembering how I did a lot of rewriting for that novel. The original draft was very cliched, with a Tony Soprano-like character featured prominently and the bad guy being the guy who hires P.I. Ian Hahn in the first chapter. Wow, if that Goodreads reader thought the final version was utter shite, good thing I never published the original version!

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Comment by John McFetridge on April 14, 2008 at 1:40am
Well, you know, what some people think makes a book bad is exactly what others think makes it good.

For me, there haven't been nearly enough Tony Sopranos characters in fiction.

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