Publishing Timetable for five Paperback Releases

With five paperbacks due for release by Still Waves Publishing, I've now been given the proposed timetable of release for the coming months.

These dates are of course subject to change but as long as all goes well these are the dates when each of the books should appear in print.

Purple Death: July 2008.

Glastonbury: July 2008

The Nemesis Cell: August 2008

Avenue of the Dead: October 2008.

Pestilence: October/November 2008.

I look forward to seeing each of my works as they appear in paperback versions, in particular The Nemesis Cell and Avenue of the Dead, previously released as e-books and now given the opportunity to be seen in print by Still Waves. Glastonbury of course was scheduled to appear in April unitl it's publihser closed it's doors so I owe a big thanks to Still Waves for moving so fast in offering me a contract to produce the book. I hope everyone enjoys reading these books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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