Thyme of Death by Susan Wittig Albert (Book Review)

Well, I finally did it. I jumped into yet another series of books that everyone said would have me hooked before I finished book one. Guess what? They were right.

I spent a couple of weeks (keep in mind I get to read a chapter every couple of days) reading THYME OF DEATH, the first in the China Bayles mystery series written by Susan Wittig Albert. China is a really neat character, a little bit of fun wrapped up in a serious package.

The story comes together in a nice little homespun package of quirky characters and murderous double-dealing. What I like best about this book is that Ms. Wittig has a flair for the dramatic and this makes the story all the more fun to read.

With dead bodies popping up like weeds in a cleverly designed garden, Susan Wittig Albert's THYME OF DEATH is a breath of fresh air that is the beginning of what I can only assume is a mysterious bouquet of death and delight. I will be working my way through each one.

Reviewed by Karen Syed

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