Been awhile since I visited here...

so sorry if anyone's been coming to my page and wondering why it's not updated. I've been spending a lot of my time over at lately. I haven't been able to read as much as in the past (last year, I'd read 30 books by this time; this year, a disappointing 14!), so that may be part of it. Plus, busy at work. The most recent book I read (and loved) was Nevada Barr's Winter Study, which marks a return to Isle Royale for her park ranger heroine, Anna Pigeon (an earlier book, A Superior Death, is also set in the same park). This was an excellent look at the cold and isolation of the park in winter and how they combine, along with an unexplained killer or two, to ratchet up the tension among Anna and her fellow wolf study members. With this, and the previous book, Hard Truth, Barr seems to be getting a bit more serious about her criminals and the evil that drives their actions. I think they've also gotten progressively more hard-edged in presentation, too, which for me is a good thing. Highly recommended.

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