I made up the word, but if Shakespeare and Poe can do it, so can I. My definition is "the feeling that the pace of life has surpassed one's ability to absorb it."

Marketing a book can be all-consuming. The author should do so many things that she might have to give up some other things in order to cope: things like eating dinner and bathing. Every time one thing is handled, another comes to mind. The newly-published author should be visiting/contacting bookstores, libraries, and groups of readers. She must try to get on radio, television, and in newspapers. She should be sure that reviewers are aware of the book and offered copies. She should establish a presence on the Internet, blog daily so people get used to seeing her name. Of course the topics presented should be lively and timely so readers return often. Webinars, book trailers, guest blogs and bulletins should keep readers' interested in what's going on in her professional life.

Of course she needs to keep copies of her books on hand, come up with clever handouts, posters, press releases, and gifts. She must attend cons in order to meet people in the business. Don't let those contacts drop, keep in touch! And don't forget to read other people's books so you can discuss them intelligently when you do meet other authors.

Oh...you have relatives with serious health problems? Your city, church, and school need volunteers? Your husband can't remember the last time you had a quiet dinner together? You have dust bunnies under the table that giggle every time you walk by and pretend not to notice them? And that garden mentioned on your dust jacket is rapidly becoming just a memory?

You aren't alone. You will prevail. You will prioritize, simplify, and choose what really matters to you.
After all, you've reached step one of your dreams. You're an author.

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