Well, tomorrow I stop being a full-time reporter and become a nearly-full-time videographer. My newspaper has a lively and growing Web presence, and tomorrow I'll start doing a daily online newscast spotlighting what's coming up in the paper. It's a great opportunity for me to learn how to do something new, increase my marketability and break out of a really well established rut. On the other hand, it's a whole lot of stress on top of the overflowing portion I've already got. What I'm hoping will come out of it is this: more interest and energy for writing my own stuff, finishing up the fiction I've started and left hanging, once I'm not writing for eight hours a day at work anymore. I'm hopeful, and more than that, I'm trying to make some concrete plans for how my days will go so I'll be able to do this. So my fingers are crossed, and I'm really hoping that life doesn't interfere with this more than it already has!

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