While looking around for good summer reads for you to add to your personal library, it occurred to me that I have failed to recommend the historical mysteries of my good buddy Robert W. Walker. Rob’s rep as a horror writer has overshadowed his amazing mystery work but if you’ve missed his detective fiction you’ve shortchanged yourself.

The remedy is to rush out and pick up a copy of “City of the Absent.” It’s set in the last days of the Grand Exposition in Chicago in 1893 and Inspector Alastair Ransom has to hunt down not one, but two killers. Or were the public killing of the mayor and the slaughter of a Pinkerton agent working undercover the work of a serial killer? There’s only one way to know, and the trail is a fun ride for readers all the way.

City of the Absent, released late last year, is the third Alastair Ransom mystery, following City for Ransom and Shadows in the White City. Naturally they’re all great, but since I try to keep myself to plugging one book at a time, I’m pushing Rob’s latest masterpiece!

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