Marketing and What Readers Can Do to Help

Every Secret Crime will be released in two days.
Want to help with marketing?
There are four things you can do that are absolutely stone critical.

1: Buy Every Secret Crime and enjoy it.

2: Write a review of Every Secret Crime on Amazon, Barnes and or any sales site where you're allowed to post one. Point of sale reviews are essential. By a large majority, readers tell me they bought my first book based on the reviews they found on the listing page. It doesn't have to be long and involved and you don't have to be Hemingway to write one. Just think of two or three things you liked about the book and that's that. Any site where reviews are allowed will tell you how to post one. It won't take long and you'll be helping me out.

3: Ask your local library to buy Every Secret Crime. Librarians tell me that if a patron asks them to buy a book, generally they'll do it. Just call the Adult Reader Services Desk. Say you live in their district (better if you have a library card) and ask them to buy Every Secret Crime.

4: Ask all of your friends to buy Every Secret Crime or order it through their library.

If you post a review, watch my blog for announcements of t-shirt giveaways. I'm not saying you'll get a t-shirt just for posting a review because that would be unethical. But if you post a review, check my blog ( and maybe good things will happen for you.

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