Another birthday today, the actual day. I often feel deeply cynical, cranky and much older than I really am, but I still feel like a happy little kid every year on my birthday. In a world where you have to be jaded and above it all in order to be cool, I refuse to play that shit. Today I want key lime pie for breakfast. I want to jump on the bed with my dogs. I want to dance around and sing along with Harvey Sid Fisher.

Happy Birthday to me!

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Comment by Tom Barclay on June 22, 2008 at 5:21am
Happy Birthday To Christa!!

If you get over to Mystery Bookstore for Battles' signing this afternoon, perhaps we can buy you a Key Lime Something or T'Other for Your Big Day.

MONEY SHOT is a nifty nasty piece of work, btw.

Many happy returns.

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