What a weekend it was for signing books. First I got to spread my novels across the globe from the Borders store in the Baltimore Washington International Airport. I learned there is a second, smaller Borders in that airport, and the manager asked to have some of my books shipped over there so she could sell them.

Saturday I spent a couple of hours in what turns out to be one of the smallest stores in the Books-A-Million chain. The folks at that store in Alexandria, VA told me afterward that I was the first author they have ever had do a book signing there. And since I did sell out in less than two hours, they’re eager to have me return. They also want more writers to find them and book signings.

Then it was practically going home to Borders in Dulles Town Center. I’ve done so well there in the past that Leigh, the manager, asked me to schedule a signing there every month for the rest of the year. How could I say no?

I also made an internet appearance of special interest to other authors. Next month I’ll be going on a limited virtual book tour, add guest posts to several blogs in order to promote my new nonfiction work, “Successfully Marketing Your Novel in the 21st Century.” One of the sites I’ll be a guest on - All Book Marketing.com - foreshadowed my visit with a very good post on virtual publicity tours in general. They mentioned my upcoming post in the process (very kind of them) and gave a really good rundown on virtual tours to boot.

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Comment by Sue Dawson on July 1, 2008 at 4:10am
Good for you! Nothing succeeds like success.

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