Like I always say sometimes, the good news IS the bad news. I had a nice, peaceful three-day holiday weekend which I spent entirely with my lovely wife Denise. The reason for that extra family time is that the bookstore at which I was scheduled to do a signing did not receive my books in time from the distributor. Disappointing? Only until I realized that meant we emptied the warehouse with unexpected demand. And it just meant more brats on the barbie between rainstorms.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no news. Last Monday I had so much fun on the blog talk radio program Book Bridge that I’ll be looking up the producer this weekend to chat about a possible future arrangement. You can still hear that show on line.

I also need to mention that now a couple of my books are available as ebooks! You can now read my action thriller “The Orion Assignment” on’s Kindle. So if you’ve invested in one of these cool devices, download your copy right away.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Blood and Bone is available in e-book form from Fictionwise. This site offers my novel in a dozen different ebook formats, including one that is Kindle compatible. Of course, you can get the old fashioned paper versions of my novels thru my web site

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