Our special guest LIVE on our show this Saturday, 2pm Pacific Time is "the King of Sting" Craig Glazer. ... they actually called him by the same slogan as THE SAINT -- Robin Hood of Modern Crime.

"We decided to rip off the bad guys — we were pirates — we were good guys wearing black hats,” Glazer says. “There were contracts out on me all over. I mean, the Mexican mob wanted me dead, and the cops were closing in. I mean, it was kind of embarrassing. We were making more arrests than they were. They would find people walking around with handcuffs on them. We also did stings as IRS agents and just took their cash.”

Glazer quit, returned to Kansas and later went to work as an undercover agent for notorious Kansas Attorney General Verne Miller. He also did prison time in Arizona in the 1980s. His end game on the book deal, aside, of course, from making money and a sequel:

“I don’t know if I’ll get a movie deal or not. What I really wanted to do is tell my story, and now I have.”

LISTEN LIVE THIS SATURDAY 2pm Pacific Time by clicking this link, or go to and select our show from the list.

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