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Title: Justice is Coming
Author: John Boundy
Publisher: Zone Press
ISBN: 978-0-9796698-4-2
Genre: Thriller Mystery

For the reader who likes tales of good versus evil, here is a story you will enjoy. Thriller, mystery, murder, fraud--a little of everything blended by talented author John Boundy to craft a tale the reader will enjoy.

Milton Conger appears to be a kindly psychiatrist, like the family doctors of old, but he is anything but. In his predacious dealings with his patients, Dr. Conger runs up against attorney at law, Ernie Holmes who is handling a case for Eva Vogel. Holmes' investigation into the case convinces him that Dr. Conger may be doing something wrong.

As an assistant District Attorney, author John Boundy knows the justice system and uses this knowledge to craft a well blanced tale that any reader will find satisfying. You will find yourself wondering if the characters could be real so well drawn are they. A story that could be taken from the news any day, any where.

Dr. Conger shows us just how easy it is to manipulate the medical system as set up by corporations and the government. He is the type of person no one would suspect and thereby hangs the tale.

I'm pleased to recommend this book as a worthwhile read. Enjoy. I did.

Anne K. Edwards.

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