Tomorrow I head for Thrillerfest in New York (drop me a note if you’re in that area) but today I want to tell you about one of my other favorite web sites.

I post something almost every day on Gather. Gather is a place to stay in touch with your friends, with your family, and with the world. You can always find smart articles about the latest political debate or that new hit movie. Members also post interesting photos and video. It’s a great place for me to keep everyone up to date on my writing life, too.

On, you can keep in touch with people important to you, and make new friends, too. Share your thoughts, pictures, and video with a select few, or with all of Gather. And when you're ready to read, you'll find some of the best content online about every topic imaginable. And what makes Gather unique among social networking sites is that each time someone views your content you get Gather Points that you can trade in for gift cards or donate to charity.

Find me and friend me on Gather.

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