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Friday afternoon I got to hang out in Ronald Reagan National Airport for a couple of hours with an old pal. The manager of the Borders in National Airport used to run the Borders Express in Manassas, VA. I signed books with him there and he invited me to do the same at his new store. As always it was a blast to greet the travelers and sign some novels.

But that’s not all the news. For example, one of my readers, Branko Dusan, has begun an Austin S. Camacho Customer Community on This is a place where people can set up discussion groups, lists, and guides related to my writing. You can also post images. And what only readers of my newsletter will know, it’s where you can also get a free autographed book.

Just join the community and post a photo of yourself or someone else holding or reading one of my books. Then send me an email with your mailing address and which of my books you’d like to have. It’s that simple.

i’m also running a contest right now for fellow writers, in support of my newest book, “Successfully Marketing Your Novel in the 21st Century." It’s also pretty simple. Just send me your best tips on how to market full length fiction. You could win a copy of my marketing manual and maybe $50 worth of promotional materials for your next book.

But the big news is that one of the meetings at Thrillerfest has already born fruit. Starting this week I’ll be hosting the BlogTalkRadio show “Book Bridge: From Authors to Readers” every Monday night at 8:30 Eastern Time. The fifteen minute segment gives African American authors a chance to talk about how their books cross genres and appeal to a broad and varied audience. Book Bridge airs live but each show is archived for later listening.

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