My husband's youngest brother died a few days ago. The family are devastated. Everyone speaks of all the things Daniel will never get to experience - love, marriage, a family of his own. I wonder how long it will take
before we are able to focus on all the things he *was* able to do? He was 24 years old. I suspect this means it will be a long, long time.

In the meantime, a question. Whatever happened to funeral food?

Upon hearing of Daniel's death, I pulled a lasagna out of the freezer,
labelled it with cooking instructions, and put my name on the bottom of the dish.

Sound familiar? Family and friends gathering round, bringing food and comfort to the bereaved?

Not so much anymore, it seems. I remember a time when losing a loved one meant a full fridge and a living room draped in aunts and ladies from the church. Death brought the living together, and the living brought casseroles. Children were looked after. Errands were run. Shoulders were abundant.

Things have changed, apparently, and death is more isolated. Phone calls and email, while very much appreciated, are a cold replacement. Another example, perhaps, of how our world is shrinking even as technology cracks it wide open. Makes me sad.

And hungry...

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