There was interesting variety in my book signings this week. Friday afternoon I stood in front of what is possibly the smallest Borders in their system. It’s the third store in Washington Dulles International Airport. As always I made some new international friends, and fans, but I have to say the pace of that place was unreal.

Then Saturday I visited one of the smaller Books-A-Million stores, the one in the Beltway Plaza Mall. I’m told not many writers agree to sign in that store in Greenbelt, MD. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was greeted by a very friendly sales staff and signed just as many books there as I did at the airport. And I will be back there in November with all of my titles.

On line I was bouncing around the blogosphere all week. First, my publisher interviewed me about my airport signings and posted the interview to her blog. That entry of her blog got picked up by Buzz, Balls & Hype, the premiere book marketing blog which was started by mystery author M.J. Rose because, as she puts it, there are over 175,000 books published a year and they can't all get reviews in the NYTBR. If you read Buzz, Balls & Hype you can click thru to my airport signing interview.

Then a very cool blog called “Enter the Octopus” picked up and linked to my own blog, “Another Writer’s Life” in their Matt Bookosphere listing. They highlighted my post mentioning that my agent told me editors were looking for more urban fantasy. Check out Enter the Octopus and click thru to my blog.

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