Well, ok, there is a small element of suspense in my short story, "Lady in Waiting," but there are no bodies and no crimes have been committed. Instead, it's a sweet, little mystery I've written for a book called Cambridge Voices, a collection celebrating the renovation of my local (Cambridge, Mass.) library. There's a cat in it, of course, and the story takes place on the grounds of the library. I'm looking forward to its publication and will let folks know how to purchase the book when it becomes available. Right now, though, a big part of the mystery is when exactly my local library will re-open. This grand, beautiful, and historic (opened in 1889) Richardsonian Gothic building has been closed for renovations for something like two years now. For a long time, it seemed like nothing was happening, but in recent months, we've seen them dig up the beautiful grounds for an underground garage, re-shingle the turret, and start to build the futuristic extension. But the organizers now say that Cambridge Voices will be published in early spring, 2009. So here's hoping!

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