Well, life is full of surprises. Our July 26th interview with Kathryn Casey was NOT on the air due due to some strange occurance at Outlaw Radio's off-premises web-host -- or some such techno babble. We cleverly recorded the interview just in case -- but the recording ALSO suffered some extraterrestial damage. Go figure. Either forces were conspiring against us, or the delay is all for the best. Ms Casey has bravely decided to return to the show THIS SATURDAY 2pm PDT. Set your alarm, alert the neighbors. You will find out the shocking story behind the dismembered body in the bathrub, the woman who committed murder disguised as her sister, and how John McCain's wife keeps her dogs from peeing on the furniture. Yes, this is one you won't want to miss, trust us!

Listen live Saturday 2pm PDT simply by clicking this link!

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