Two New Hardbacks Stone of Vengeance and The Devil's Game

I am pleased to announce the arrival of our two new novels, Stone of Vengeance and The Devil's Game. Stone of Vengeance is a modern-day Western set in Wyoming. It centers around cattle rustling, which still goes on around there. In earlier days, gunslinger Tom Horn was hired by cattle barons to put an end to rustling. He placed a stone beneath the heads of the men he killed. Now, in present day Wyoming someone is mimicking his style by killing a wealthy cattle rancher and placing a stone beneath his head.

Our Western, The Devil's Game, has a touch of mystery to it as well. It focuses on two friends who like their cards. Their enthusiasm for gambling often gets them into big trouble. A second book, The Fifth Ace, will follow.

Having two books out the same years is the dream of a lifetime. It's a big like gambling. You just have to keep writing and keep trying no matter what the odds are.

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