So, I'm getting ready to start another writing session, and I'm over my little bout of melancholy, and I have a new observation. Since I like hearing the sound of my own voice, which is what I feel like I'm getting when I write, I'll indulge myself and hope someone else gets something out of it. Otherwise, I'll just sit here and yell into the dark and imagine someone's out there. Sound crazy enough? Okay, here goes.

I have this bad habit when I write of turning on the television. It doesn't really matter what's on the tube, I just like to have it on. My wife doesn't understand how I can concentrate with something else going on, so I tell her my brain is just working at a higher level that most, which really means it's probably working at a lower level and can't multi-task, so I'm not even hearing the TV. Ah, but I digress.

So, tonight, I'm flicking around the channels to find something to have on in the background and I come across a live concert with Corinne Bailey Rae. I'm not sure if you know her music, but she's the cutest, tiniest, sweetest little thing you'll ever see. She has a gorgeous voice with a heavy English accent. Well, as I'm watching her sing, I can't help but think how much fun it looks like she's having. With most performers, it seems like they're performing for the crowd with a strong expectation that they'll get the attention that they desperately crave. Then again, maybe that's just the cynic in me, but that's my observation. With Corinne, it looks like she's just singing for singing's sake. She actually applauded herself at the end of one of her songs, and it almost seems like she's singing for herself. Sort of how I like to hear the sound of my own voice. So, maybe I'm not an egomaniac, but maybe I just enjoy the craft. At least that's what I like to tell myself.

The next time you sit down to write, enjoy yourself, indulge yourself, hell, laugh at your own jokes. At least you'll know one person enjoyed your work.

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