I'm happy to report I wrote over 1,000 words this morning and submitted a short story. Exactly what I want to do every day. Well, not always submit a short story, but do some other writerly chore. I also waded through probably more than 200 posts that were duplicates on my Yahoo groups. That was fun. NOT

I'm not positive I have everything here on CrimeSpace figured out--especially even finding my own page. LOL And how to tell someone I got their note--when I click on the link in an email, it merely sends me to the home page, not to my stuff. But I figure I'll figure it out soon enough.

P. B. Smith, if you're reading this, I got your note, but don't know how to "talk" to you yet! I hope I got everyone "friended" who asked to be a friend. I sure tried. If you asked and I didn't do it, please do it again--I'm taking all comers!

How many words did the rest of you write today? And/or did you do something else with your writing to move you along?

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Comment by Jan Christensen on March 30, 2007 at 3:10pm
Ah, you're an artist, too? That's wonderful. I can't draw--anything. I can hardly write by hand so you can read it. It's a good thing we have computers!
Comment by p. b. smith on March 30, 2007 at 2:26pm
Got your note. I designed the cover for my mystery anthology today, Murder After Midnight. I'm going to post it on my page, which I bookmarked because otherwise I knew I'd NEVER find my way back there!

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