I'll have TWO stories in the upcoming Shroud Publishing anthology NORTHERN HAUNTS. "Sinister Mirth" (a ghost story) and "A Yeti in Green" (a story about a bank robbery gone awry).

Here's what the publisher has to say about this awesome book:

"NORTHERN HAUNTS is much more than an anthology. It is an indispensable guidebook for your journey through the shadowy New England otherworld. 100 original tales of ghosts, creatures, mad men, and other horrifying mysteries. Each story is told in the first person so that you can employ NORTHERN HAUNTS as a fireside ghost story reference book. It is designed for you to customize these treacherous tales in order to tantalize your friends and terrify your family. Proceeds from the sale of NORTHERN HAUNTS will be donated to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY."

I'm not sure when the anthology comes out, but this blog will know as soon as I know.

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