I have been told that anyone more than twenty miles from home who owns their own briefcase is an expert. I've also heard that anyone with paper and a pen or pencil could be a writer, "you have to be published to call yourself an author."
Well, through a stroke of luck or possibly a lowering of standards I have reached the top of the hill. During a one month period I have been gifted with an audio presentation on the net, included in an anthology that will benefit "Toys For Tots", and have been assigned an editor to help the first of my cozy series become palatable to the public.
While I am ecstatic about each and all of these happenings, not unlike the day after I turned twenty-one I woke up this morning and felt very much the same as I did every day of my life until today. I guess the true value of a title rest in the holders head. So unless someone refers to me as "Your Highness" I better hit the keyboard, I am three days from a deadline and aint got a clue.

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Comment by Tony Burton on September 15, 2008 at 5:58am
Hey, I didn't lower my standards to accept your story, Allan! It has humor! It has pathos! It has blatant public sex! No... wait... no sex. Nope. None. Absolutely NO sex, public, blatant or otherwise.

Comment by Terrie Farley Moran on September 5, 2008 at 5:09am
Hi Allan,

Neither luck or a lowering of standards. Evry tiny or large success is a result of your hard work. Terrie

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