My ten-minute play “Orville & Wilbur Discuss Film Noir” is being done this Saturday in South Dakota.

Here are the details:

8 in 48 - Claire Donaldson Short Play Festival

Saturday, September 13
7:30 pm

Augustana College
Edith Mortensen Center Theater
Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

$5 requested donation

This is a 48-hour play festival, which means the director's receive their scripts on the night of Thursday September 11, they cast the play on Friday the 12th and rehearsals begin immediately following casting. Curtain is Saturday evening.

“Orville & Wilbur Discuss Film Noir” is one of eight scripts chosen from over three-hundred submissions. It touches upon such subjects as the cruel hand of fate, uncomfortable couches and whether or not Captain Caveman can be considered a hard-boiled detective. This is my third Orville & Wilbur script to be produced, after “Orville & Wilbur Discuss Aerodynamics” in 2007 and “Orville & Wilbur Discuss Women’s Liberation” earlier this year.

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