The first thing you must have if you are planning on becoming a writer is at least one alternate source of income. And health insurance. The second thing you must have is a thick skin with regards to rejection.

The reason for both of these requirements is the same. You get published very little compared to your submissions. And when you do get published, it doesn’t necessarily pay much or anything.

The third job requirement is a love of writing. If you don’t love it, you won’t be in this business very long.

I’ve had a depressingly long dry spell. Not writing-wise. Publishing-wise. I hit the 100 word mark this week in my first draft of the new novel. I did a little dance of joy and celebration. The words are coming easier now that I know who the characters are, what motivates them, as well as where the story is going.

However, it has been two years (give or take) since my last publication. Longer since I received the acceptance letter for those stories. I did have one acceptance during that time. I signed a contract and everything. But then my story got cut at the last minute. So the acceptance ended up in the rejection file after all.

And then, this week I learned that my short story, “An Assassin in the Family” has been accepted for publication in the spring issue of Mysterical-e. There ensued a BIG dance of joy and celebration. I have a warm place in my heart for this e-zine, since the last story of mine that they published went on to be a finalist for a Derringer.

Alas, it is not a paid market. It is a publishing credit, though, and an opportunity to get my name out there again. Not to mention the chance to entertain. And I do feel that this story is highly entertaining. If I do say so myself.

So the dry spell is over. The battered and bruised ego has been stroked. Now to get to work on some potential paying projects…

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