Well, this is my first ever official blog entry. Don't know what the big whoop is all about, but I'm willing to give it a shot, at least once. I'm usually willing to try new things, within reason and if it's not something I wouldn't do with my Gramma in the room. Considering she lives with me, it's totally a possibility. Well, 'lives' is not exactly true. She died in 1982, but she 'visits' and plays tricks on me from time to time. She calls often and lets me know all is well with her. At least that's my tale. She always said, "I tell my stories the way I want 'em told!" So that's what I do too! And besides, if my house HAS to be haunted (which I'm convinced it is) then it's going to be haunted by someone who loved me! And nobody loved me like my Gramma!

That's my story..and so far, I'm stickin' to it.

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