I’ll keep this week’s blog on the brief side as I’ve got a large turf laying operation on the go in my back garden, plus there’s what promises to be a very exciting finale to the Ryder Cup coming up later today!

Work on ‘The Beholder’ continues apace, as I sailed through the 50,000 word mark at the end of last week. In theory, this puts me at somewhere around the half way point for the first draft, although I’ve got a feeling that this novel may turn out to be slightly longer than my previous two efforts. Two of the main threads to the story are now racing along at break neck pace, while the third is beginning to shape up nicely.

Next Saturday (27th September) sees me attending my first ever book signing event at the Norwich branch of ASDA supermarket. If you’re in the vicinity and you’d like to lay your hands on a signed copy of Justice For All, please feel free to come along and meet me between 11 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. – it would be really great to see you, and it would also help allay my fears that I might end up sitting at a table on my own for an hour and a half!


What’s Steve been listening to this week?

Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace – by The Offspring
Puzzle – by Biffy Clyro
The ’59 Sound – by The Gaslight Anthem

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