Last week I had the pleasure of attending my first ever book signing event, which occurred at the Norwich branch of ASDA supermarket on Saturday 27th September. Special thanks go to some of the staff at Asda for helping to make this happen: Ron Drewry, for flagging the fact that I was a local author to the branch manager in the first instance, Jo Mackenzie, for making sure that everything ran smoothly on the day, the irrepressible Big Rob, who acted as my ‘hype man’ by drumming up lots of interest over the branch P.A. system (a career in stand-up awaits!), and to the branch manager Ian Grieve, whose decision to support a local author in this manner can’t be praised highly enough.

The signing itself went really well, and I’d like to thank all those people that found the time to stop and talk to me, especially those that bought my book! In the space of an hour and a half, we sold somewhere in the region of 150 copies – what a result! It was great to see a few familiar faces there, some from my present, and some from my past, and it was also great to meet a whole bunch of new friends. Thanks once again to everyone involved - I really hope you enjoy Justice For All! And if there’s anyone out there in the East region who would have liked to attend but couldn’t make it on the day, then watch this space, as I may have some more exciting news to announce soon!

In other publicity related matters, I was interviewed by last week. WriteWords is an on-line source of inspiration and feedback for writers, where you can post sections of your work and invite constructive criticism (while also commenting on other peoples efforts – it’s all about the give and take). Visit the site to read the abridged version of the interview. If you’d like to see the full version, then you’ll need to become a member of WriteWords, which I can heartily recommend should you happen to be an aspiring writer!


What’s Steve been listening to this week?

Stop, Drop, and Roll!!! – by the Foxboro Hot Tubs
Turn Against the Land – by Dogs
Everything Is – by Nine Black Alps

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