In some ways the last week has held its disappointments. A schedule malfunction caused my presentation on Book World News to be postponed. Then Friday I turned up at the Borders in Reagan National Airport only to learn that the general manager neglected to mention my signing to anyone else, so they didn’t have books for me to sign.

Saturday it poured all day so the Baltimore Book Festival’s author's tent didn’t get many visitors. Plus, we had the challenge of keeping our wares dry because we were set up on a steep hill with a river running under the tables. The festival was scheduled to run until 7 pm but by 5:30 I and the other two remaining authors decided to call it a day.

Sunday it was more than the rain. The Redskins were playing the Cowboys and around Waldorf, MD that means that nobody is hanging around the mall. Still, I signed more books than Saturday and the manager is a very pleasant lady so we had good conversation at those times when we had the store all to ourselves.

Not that it was all gloom and doom. Last week’s high point, my presentation to the Charles Carroll Middle School in New Carrollton, MD resulted in a very nice article in the Prince George’s Gazette. I was mentioned often, and in a very favorable light.

And I got the word that my new “Cover Story” style video for Blood and Bone was completed. The video will be posted to the company blog and get a MySpace bulletin. It will also be submitted to 30 social media sites, 4 mystery reader sites, half a dozen book marking sites and more than 300 bookseller sites. Of course, there’s no guarantee that any of those places will accept the video, but I hope you will all keep an eye out for it and let me know when you see it. Also, the video will be on the Transit TV service on buses in Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta and Milwaukee. Again, please drop me an e-mail if you see it.

Of course, it’s on my web site so you can see it now.

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