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I think I’ve posted about this before, but I get homesick before I actually leave for a trip. Once I’m on the road, especially once I’m out of my normal stomping grounds, I shift into vacation mode. But during the last week or so before heading out, anxiety strikes. Big time.

So that’s where I am right now. It puts a damper on my pre-Bouchercon excitement.

Plus there’s a little matter of clearing my desk before we go. Literally. I want to declutter my office so when I return, I can jump into my work, recharged and reenergized. Right now, my workspace looks like one huge paper dump. I’d take a picture and show you, but it would be too embarrassing. Maybe I’ll do before and after pictures and post those. Maybe. Don’t count on it.

I’ve started packing, if you count putting clothes that I think I might take in a plastic storage box so I don’t wear them between now and then as packing. What’s the weather like in Baltimore in mid October? Should I take sweaters? I plan on taking that ghost tour of Fell’s Point on Friday evening and I think that might call for warmer gear.

I bought a new digital camera. But the memory card reader I bought for my laptop doesn’t work. Since I plan to post pictures here from Bouchercon, I must go out and exchange it for one that DOES work.

The to-do list goes on. As does the anxiety.

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