First of all, I’d like to offer a big shout out to Jo Nape, one of the DJ’s at Future Radio, who gave Justice For All a few healthy plugs on his Saturday evening show last week. Future Radio is a community radio station based in Norwich that broadcasts on 96.9FM and via its website,, and I’d like to thank Jo for his kind support.

On the writing front, I had another great week working on the third novel in the Zac Hunter series, ‘The Beholder,’ knocking out another 7,000 words, although there was a bit of a hiccup along the way. At one point, the plot calls for Hunter to leave his hometown of Los Angeles and journey to another major American city (which shall remain nameless for now). I knew that travelling by car was out of the question as the distance was too great, so I planned to have Hunter catch a flight and arrive in the city early afternoon, ahead of some major plot developments. When it came to checking all the flights out of L.A., I found that although the overall flight time was about 6 hours (as I’d estimated), there were no direct flights available, all of them requiring a lengthy layover in another city. As a result, Hunter couldn’t arrive at his destination until early evening at best, which necessitated making a few tweaks to the novel’s plot to reflect this. The moral of the story? When it comes to travel arrangements, it’s best to do your research up front!

Finally - another gig to report on, as I caught my first one in Norwich since the Reading Rock festival (which was way back in August). The Subways are one of my favourite new bands, and this was the fourth or fifth time I’ve seen them, and quite possibly the best. Since the release of their excellent second album, ‘All Or Nothing’, their sound has become more muscular and Billy Lunn’s lead vocals have become more gravelled (after an operation to remove nodules from his vocal chords). As a live act, they’re hard to beat, bringing tons of energy and enthusiasm to their show – bassist Charlotte Cooper rocks harder than most other bands on her own, and at one point during the gig Lunn swan dived from the speaker stacks to land in the mosh pit below. All in all, a great night!


What’s Steve been listening to this week?
All Or Nothing – by The Subways
Silent Cry – by Feeder
The Sound of Madness – by Shinedown

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