I am growing extremely fast,
with the passing of each new day;
I now have an audible Heartbeat,
that is slow, the Doctors' all say.
My delicate hand's and feet,
which once were only small buds;
Have now sprouted fingers and toes,
and I can suck my newly formed thumb.
It is nice and cozy in here right now,
but soon Mommy’s Womb will expand;
To meet the need's of her Embryo,
the One in her Womb that I am.
But my Mommy doesn’t believe,
that I am alive at all;
For she can’t feel me moving around,
I am simply, much too small.
She went to the Doctors' last week,
to determine how old that I am;
The Ultra Sound showed I was ten weeks old,
from the moment my life first began.
She asked about an Abortion,
to rid herself of me;
She want's to kill the person,
whom God made me to be.
Her Doctor made an appointment,
at an Abortion Clinic, nearby;
Two more weeks of life in her Womb,
before I'm suppose to die.
I wish she could have seen my tear's,
or heard my one, small plea;
"I don't want to die before I live,
so give me a chance Mommy, please"?
But she couldn’t hear my cries for help,
nor know how abandoned I felt;
She wrote on her calendar in bold, black words,
"Two weeks, I'll be back to myself".
I continued to grow very quickly,
during those last, two frightening weeks;
Then the day arrived when I'd lose my life,
before I could even breathe.
I felt a searing pain,
of which I could barely cope;
As the Doctor carelessly scraped away,
at my very last possible hope.
I am with God up in Heaven now,
a Cherub who's looking down;
Upon my Mother and the life she leads,
her Abortion's I've simply lost count.
A small, sad tear always seems to form,
in the corner of my blue eye's;
Each time she visits that horrid place,
and I watch as my Sibling's die..

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