Every once in a while I have a dream that has a coherent plot, characters, and other stuff. I usually jot down some of the details, most of the time it doesn't come to much, but in rare instances a good idea comes out of it.

But what bugs me is when I have a dream about a good idea, I wake up and remember everything, but the good idea.


Last week I had a dream that I was with some kind of comedy troupe performing in an old theatre. The house is packed, but the audience is hard to please, so with our written material tanking, we do an improv routine, and we kill. The audience goes nuts, roaring with laughter, and rolling in the aisles.

I distinctly remember telling another member of the dream's troupe that we had to remember this routine for other shows.

I wake up, and I can remember everything, in pretty good detail, but the sketch itself.

I hate it when that happens, because I'll never know if it would appear so appealing in the cold light of day as it did in the snakepit of my mind.

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