After spending most of the week with my 100 favorite authors, how can I choose a book to recommend for your library this week? There's really only one way. I'll have to direct you to the Anthony Award winner for Best Mystery Novel, "What the Dead Know" by Laura Lippman

Laura being a Baltimore native, it was fitting for her to take the top Anthony this year. However, we fans of her Tess Monaghan mystery series might have been a little worried when she stepped out with a stand-alone thriller. There was no need. This one is as delicious as any of Tess' tales and it sticks to the Baltimore roots. The story revolves around two girls who disappeared from a mall 30 years ago, one of whom suddenly pops up today. Today's cops must solve this cold case with little help from one uncooperative victim.

As always, Ms Lippman plays fair: all the clues are there but the solution will still surprise you - to both the crime and the identity of the mystery woman. If you want to read the best of the best, pick up "What the Dead Know."

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