Didn't get much work done on my crime novel yesterday and today.

Yesterday was spent protecting democracy in Canada. I was working as a poll monitor, assisting with the Canadian federal election. That meant spending 14 hours in a creaky old Masonic Hall with 70s faux wood panelling, and a bipolar furnace, having the two worst meals I ever had, and dealing with the endless paperwork a functioning democracy needs.

Still, wasn't a complete loss, I got paid, not enough for the hassle, but it helped.

As for today, I was just feeling lazy. But I wasn't completely unproductive, I did a post for my pop-culture business blog, about how the big studios are shrinking.

I'm also composing a "manifesto" for people in the independent film business and how they can use the major studio contraction to their advantage, and I'll probably post that tomorrow.

I also started outlining my next novel project.


Because I'm a masochist who isn't happy unless I'm driving myself nuts working on two different projects in two different genres. I'm nutty that way.

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