Personal Apperance by Yvonne Mason at Circle Books November 8th

Popular Florida Author Yvonne Mason will be making a personal apperance at Circle Books in Sarasota Florida on November 8,2008 from 11:00am- 1:00pm to sign her lates releases Brilliant Insanity and Silent Scream. She will also have her first release Stan's Story A Touch of Love. A true story of a young man's success at a time when failure was the only option for the challenged. She will take you into Stan's life from beginning to present in such a way you come away with a better understanding of him both as a challenged individual and as a warm wonderful successful man. Who succeeded in spite of the naysayers.

Silent Scream is a True Crime Novel about A piece of Florida's history which changed the way the nation as a whole viewed killers who killed more than three victims in much the same way. Gerard Schaefer was an ex-Martin County Deputy who killed in pairs. His reign of terror began in 1966 and was finally brought down in 1973 when he was tried and convicted of two of the slayings. Schaefer became the byword for the new term "Serial Killer." Until that time there was no such word or crime in law enforcment.

Ms. Mason's second newest release Brilliant Insanity is a crime fiction novel also about a Serial Killer on death row who has five days to live and is allowed to tell his story to the local paper. He not only has a story to tell he has a secret to tell. Ms. Mason her story in such a way the reader is spell bound until the ending.

Ms. Mason background in Criminal Justice and her ability to delve into the minds of those who always feel they are above the law make her an outstanding story teller. She has the ability to put the reader into the book and keeps them there until the last page.
So join her on November 8,2008 at Circle Books 478 Ringling Blvd Sarsosta Fl from 11:00am -1:00pm and purchase her books and get her signature.

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