Last weekend was one of the most fun times I’ve had in a while. What made Magna Cum Murder such a terrific event was the warm and welcoming attitudes of the Midwestern mystery fans. The conference has a few unique activities like round robin discussions for the authors and voting on resolutions. I got to be part of a great panel with debut author Wilfred Bereswill and leading mystery author Barb D’Amato during which we guided the audience through writing a mystery short story. Everyone present had a great time.

Then I joined Mary Monica Pulver, Marion Moore Hill, Louise Penny and Sarah Wisseman on a panel to discuss how we create characters that are like us and some who are not. People are still talking about that panel. And I left Muncie with several new friends. You can meet some of them on my web site, where several photos are posted.

In the meantime I posted a guest blog on Acme Author Link on October 21st. My comments on how to market novels were popular enough to convince the bloggers to accept two follow-up posts, answering comments and questions from my first blog there.

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