Okay, I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here. I've had several rejections lately (which proves I've been submitting), and of course I'm bummed. But I think they also tend to prevent me from writing the day I receive them.

Today we drove into Corpus Christi so I could have my ear checked which had an infection--it's all better. But that broke my routine of writing in the morning. Yesterday I did my 1,000 words, but didn't submit anything. Today I have done neither. Of course, I do have a couple of hours before bedtime.

So, to make myself feel better, and for your reading pleasure, I'm going to post a link to a reprinted story of mine which first appeared in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine and is now on the Crime and Suspense previous issue page:

Rainbow's End

Don't you love the blue dragon? Tony Burton, publisher/editor of C&S made it up just for this story!

Story behind the story--my writer's group, all fantasy and science fiction writers, except for me, decided they wanted to send stories for a dragon anthology. I knew maybe three things about dragons (all included in the story--I made the rest of it up), and hadn't a clue how to write a true fantasy story. So, of course, I wrote a mystery with a dragon PI. What else can a girl do? And of course, it didn't make it into the anthology because the editor wanted "traditional" dragon stories. This is NOT tradiitional, by any means. Another editor who was looking for dragon stories accepted it, but after two years of not publishing it, I withdrew it, and sent it to Futures. The rest, as they say, is history. Well, MY history. I am putting this out here now to make me realize that I had have stories publlished, after all, and should just get on with it.

Right after I have some chocolate.

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