Hear ye, hear ye. Please accept this as formal notification that I am Alifair Burke's official stalker. I do solemly swear to drop her name shamelessly at every opportunity (she can tell you that I once offered her my left arm--one of my more humiliating moments at Bouchercon in Chicago when I first met her at her signing--anyway), I will tirelessly follow her around the Internet and tell people that we are bosom buddies, that she adores me, and that she is every bit the talented writer that my other two favorite authors are (Julia Spencer-Fleming and James Lee Burke). I do think Julia might think me her stalker as well, and I think I can handle both...I would stalk Mr. Burke, but he looks very serious and I'm not certain he would be amnused by it.

So, my question to you is, what crime writer would you be honored to stalk...and Barry Eisler doesn't count, he has enough stalkers already...it's that darn smile...

Happy Reading


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Comment by Karen Syed on April 14, 2007 at 11:02am
Well, Patrick, that would be an excellent point, and I am consistant. I mispell it each and every time. Hey this stalker thing isn't easy, alot to be done and I...oh, shoot, I was wrong and I am properly ashamed.

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