I would never name my child Jason Voorhees.
Wooded lakeside camps have always been forlornly creepy.
Silent giants wearing hockey masks out of context is now nightmare-inducing.

But calendrically there's nothing inherently scary about Friday the 13th. The date is arbitrary. It could have been "Tuesday the 27th."

[insert Wilhelm scream here!!!!].

Some fun facts, courtesy of the one-stop depository of all things superstitionally Jason:

The Friday the 13th film franchise:
Part I
Part II
Part III: 3D
Part IV: The Final Chapter
Part V: A New Beginning
Part VI: Jason Lives
Part VII: The New Blood
Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
Part IX: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
Part X: Jason X
Freddy Vs. Jason (not officially part of the franchise)

Friday the 13th films where Jason is NOT the killer:

Part 1 (it's his mother, Pamela Voorhees; she's decapitated by a machete)
Part 5 (it's some guy, who "snaps" and kills kids "copycat-style" after his mentally retarded son is murdered; he falls/is pushed from a hayloft onto a bed of spikes)

Actors who portrayed Jason Voorhees:
Warrington Gillette (Part 2)
Richard Brooker (Part 3)
Ted White (uncredited Part 4)
Tom Morga (uncredited Part 5; "Dick Wiegand" credited in film)
C.J. Graham (Part 6)
Kane Hodder (Parts 7-10)
Ken Kirzinger (Freddy v. Jason)

Jason Deaths:
Drowned in Crystal Lake
Machete blow to head
Axe blow to head
Machete blow to head + hacked to bits by machete-wielding Corey Feldman
Drowned in Crystal Lake (again) + throat wound caused by motorboat propeller
Drowned in Crystal Lake (again) by the father of a telekinetic girl who was brought back to life by the telekinetic girl's psychic abilities
Drowned (sort of) by a flood of toxic waste
Stabbed by a "magic" knife + pulled back into Hell by a huge pair of hands, presumably Satan's
Incinerated upon entering the atmosphere of "Earth 2."

Total body count (estimated):
146* -- this can be debated, because in Jason X, 60 additional space marines, and an entire spacestation with an undisclosed population is incinerated.

Degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon:
None (the ubiquitous Mr. Bacon is in the first one)

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