Would you read a book about a serial rapist who's victims are men?

A sexual predator, a serial male on male rapist has the fourth largest city in America under seige; African American, male late thirties, reports the evening news. What soon becomes more apparent is that men belonging to an organized clandestine league of rapist are committing these attacks, each more brutal than the last. Soon, the attackers appetite evolves into a strategic game to include the secrets and lovers of targeted victims. The culprits focus on any MALE from aristocrats, cops, thugs, to suburban husbands, taking pride in making the next attack more heinous, humiliating, and more over the top than the last.

When defense attorney Crimson St. John meets a handsome construction worker with chiseled facial features, a granite chest and a diesel body, she can hardly resist him. But he's adamant that he only wants a platonic relationship while 'courting' her. He also makes it clear that he's involved in a monogamous relationship with a woman Crimson and her friends aren’t sure exists. Soon, his pursuit of her seems to be more of a cover than anything else. Has she fallen for one of the men involved with the kidnap and rapes terrorizing the city? Or, is he simply a male gold digger as her friends think he is? His secret propels her into a cycle of danger and chaos as she closes in on the truth.

Seductive and wealthy Developer Sundance Jones’ mother was plowed down by a hit and run driver. He just stepped onto the elevator with the buxom beauty that got the driver off. He’s drawn to the charismatic attorney with her continuous legs, abbreviated skirt, catnip smile, Jimmy Choo stilettos, and a briefcase along with a host of secrets. Although she treads carefully, the attraction pulls on her like the Earth's core touching the mantle.
A cyclone of lies, betrayals, hidden agendas and deadly deceit brings these two passionate lovers into a gripping world of mayhem as each of them are devoured into the others secret lives.

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Comment by CT on April 19, 2007 at 7:19pm
Yes, I'd also be interested in reading this.
Comment by LaTanya Pattillo on April 16, 2007 at 9:10am
Ok. So how do I get a copy?


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