Not that I think anyone is reading this!

But the last three days I've done my 1,000 words, and today I tweaked my agent query and sent one out.

I guess I should mention I was nominted for a Derringer which sure goosed, I mean encouraged me. I have been reading the nominations, and they are all so good! Wow. It's going to be hard to vote.

The weather has improved down here in Port Aransas, and the birds have been coming to the pond outside our door. Coots, egrets, (3 different types) herons, yellowlegs, one roseate spoonbill, even some turtles have shown themselves. Pelicans, seagulls and terns fly overhead. It's great fun to watch it all. The other day on a drive on the beach I saw my first black-throated stilt. Wonderful looking bird.

I'll be sorry to leave, but in a week we head to Indiana and the motorhome factory where we will get some much-needed repairs done. Then, points east!

Hope everyone is writing at least as much as I am, if not more!

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