Dymmoch, Michael Allen - THE FELINE FRIENDSHIP

The Feline Friendship – Ex

Dymmoch, Michael Allen – 4th in series

This may make my Top Ten of 2003. Detective John Thinnes, with his new female partner, investigate a series of brutal rapes, while his friend, Dr. Jack Calab, who is a psychiatrist is treating a woman who had been raped 15 years previous and still suffering from it. This is an excellent series. The characters are well drawn, it’s refreshing to have John Thinnes be a happily married detective who is neither an alcoholic nor a smoker, and although Jack Calab is gay, that’s not the focus. The writing is excellent and the mystery suspenseful. These are definitely not cozy, in spite of the titles, and it is best to read the series in order to understand the background and relationship of the main characters. To me, this author should be much better known. LJ Roberts - May 2003

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